When it comes to Oil, you reap what you grow. At Harmony we use only pure CO2 to create our oil, free from any hydrocarbon solvents. We run strain specific batch extractions with the highest grade material to get the purest, best tasting oil possible. Next we refine the oil through a cold filtration process which removes all the plant waxes and impurities. We then gently heat the oil to activate all the cannabinoids, making it ready for cartridges.


We never use fillers or anything artificial like propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, MCT oil, or vitamin E acetate. When you are enjoying a Harmony Farms cartridge, you are getting pure clean extracted cannabis oil with zero artificial additives. Harmony Farms CO2 oil comes in pre-filled ceramic core vape cartridges, with the lowest failure rate in the industry.  Best of all Harmony Farms CO2 oil is extremely potent giving you the best tickle for the nickel!

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