Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Do not let the intimidating name fool you. This sativa leaning hybrid provides its user with a mellow high making it ideal for creative and social activities.  Its high THC content has helped its growers win numerous cannabis cup awards around the world.  Its scent is earthy and sour, while its taste is sweet and floral.

Berry White


Berry White is a true hybrid genetic that carries intriguingly colorful flowers and an extremely delightful berry and fresh pine aroma. Descending from its legendary parents Blueberry and White Widow, this strain can also be referred to as White Berry and Blue Widow.  Berry White is a true hybrid strain meaning it will offer a well-balanced effect for its user making it perfect for either a day or night-time session.

Big Blue

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Big Blue is a hybrid cross between Northern Lights and Blueberry. It carries a distinct berry flavor that coincides well with the plants deep colored blends of blue, green, purple and orange. Upon exhale its flavor consists of a berry, and almost grape like characteristic that is later capped off with a subtle skunky and spicey after-tone. Thanks to the legendary parents of this genetic, Big Blue is one for the books!

Blackberry Kush


An offspring of Afghani Kush and Blackberry, Blackberry Kush has been passed down a beautiful dark purple hue that pairs well with its heavy bodied indica based qualities. Its refined berry flavors are layered beneath its earthy green overtones of herb and spice. The smell initially gives off hashy diesel-like essences that are then complemented by notes of sweet berry. Blackberry Kush is said to have long lasting effects that can last up to three hours and is widely accepted as a top shelf strain. 

Black Jack

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

This sativa-dominant strain is a combination of Jack Herer and Black Domina. Black Jack has an excellent aroma with bright notes of lavender, lemon, and sage that truly carry over in the flavor. This is a good genetic for active people seeking a high that allows them to fully function during the day. It’s a perfect match for all levels.

Bubba Fire


We love this strain. Bubba Fire is an indica strain crossing Bubba Kush and Fire OG. Most users feel muscles ease as amusing euphoria blankets the mind, relieving stress while impelling happy moods. With this comes a very sturdy and relaxing body high that often ushers you to the couch or bed.  With sweet, earthy hashish flavors and a diesel aroma, Bubba Fire exhibits a unique, hefty bud structure. Bubba Fire is just the thing you need when you’re looking to calm down and loosen up at the end of a long day.

Blue Dream

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Blue Dream is a strain that originated in California and since then, has achieved an elite strain status. Its Blueberry and Sativa Haze parents provide this sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a sugary berry flavor and a sweet blueberry aroma. This strain qualifies as a great daytime strain and will subtly ease you into a warm and euphoric body-buzz. This highly sought after strain surely is a dream come true.

Carnival Kush

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Carnival Kush is a Harmony Farms exclusive. An indica-dominant strain that has been soaring off of shelves since we have put it into production. It's sugary and berry-like undertones mix amazingly with its signature skunky and kush like aromas.  Its flower is absolutely covered with frosty trichomes giving it amazing jar appeal. The Carnival is coming to town, make sure you don't miss out on this one.

Chem Dawg

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Chem Dawg is a potent indica-dominant hybrid that provides its user with both a cerebral and strong heavy-bodied high. The strain packs a pungent diesel aroma, with spicy herb-like flavors. The high is said to have a long lasting affect of up to 2-3 hours. Some users claim this strain carries a subtle psychedelic effect making it great for a nightcap. 


Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Chernobyl is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that carries a distinctive lime sherbet smell. This citrusy strain descends from Trainwreck, Jack the Ripper, and Trinity. Expect dreamy, deep-seated cerebral effects that will drift you to a relaxed, yet inspiring mindset. If you are a fan of Trainwreck, then this is an obvious choice, and maybe even a new favorite.

Confidential Cheese

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Confidential Cheese is a hybrid of Cheese and LA Confidential. This indica-dominant strain has light green and dark blue frosted buds and carries a "blueberry cream cheese" fragrance. Known for its high level of myrcene content, the huge effects of Confidential Cheese are perfect for a slow relaxing day or nightcap. This strain gives saying “CHEESE” a whole different meaning!  zZzZzZz...

Critical Mass (Discontinued)

Indica-dominant Hybrid

The Critical Mass name is derived from its extremely dense buds that have been said to snap branches off its source plant during harvest. By crossing the hearty strains of Afghani Kush and Skunk #1, Critical Mass was created. The strain is predominantly indicia (80% indica) and is also commonly known for its strong-bodied high, and robust cerebral qualities. Some users say Critical Mass has the capability of giving them psychedelic experiences. It is to no suprise that one would gravitate towards this amazing strain.

Galactic Jack (Discontinued)

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Galactic Jack is a stellar sativa-dominant hybrid descending from the widely appreciated strains of Jack Herer and Space Queen. It’s aroma contributes directly to its taste and encompasses traits of sweet lemons and skunky grapefruit, while also adding small hints of refreshing mint undertones. Its affective cerebral high allows for this strain to be a solid daytime strain. Houston… Galactic Jack is clear for take off. 3-2-1… Blaze off!

Gorilla Glue

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Our Gorilla Glue is an indica leaning hybrid strain that is overloaded with resin and is best known for its high THC content. Its abundance of highly visible droplets of sticky resin trichomes is just one of its appealing qualities. It is also important to note that Gorilla Glue took first place at the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. Notable flavors include pungent traces of pine, cedar, and other earthy-like scents. King Kong himself would consider this strain some serious couch fruit.

Green Crack

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Green Crack is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was cultivated by inbreeding Skunk #1. Everyone loves a good weed story. So when Snoop Dog smoked some herb so exceptional he nicknamed it “Green Crack”, it became an overnight sensation. With a tangy sweet flavor reminiscent of tropical citrus notes. Green crack's dense buds are perfect for those seeking a strain that picks you up and won’t drag you down. 


Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Guadalupe is a Harmony Farms signature sativa-dominant hybrid. Although its genetic lineage will remain a secret, its combination of potent sweet berry and eucalyptus like aromas create an excellent taste upon exhale. Those of us at Harmony give two thumbs up to Guadalupe, as she will leave your mouth watering and heart throbbing in admiration.


Sativa-dominant/CBD Hybrid

Our Lavender Trainwreck is an indica-dominant hybrid that is known to provide its consumer with a robust and dependable high for both the head and body. By crossing the genetics of Lavender Kush and Trainwreck, this strain has been passed down aromas of pungent pine and underlying tones of fresh sweet lavender. Brace yourself for this incredible genetic, because it can hit you like a freight train.

Holy Grail


Being a descendent of the multi-award winning OG-18 and Kosher Kush strains, it comes as no surprise that the indica-dominant hybrid, Holy Grail, carries a high percentage of THC and is an award winner of its own. Upon exhale, its spicy pine and citrus flavors give this strain an incredible taste. Marijuana enthusiasts around the globe can raise their glass to this top notch strain.

Kosher Kush


Originally known as Jew's Gold, this LA strain was renamed Kosher Kush and is now a widely renowned variety in the cannabis community. It is also alleged to be the first commercial strain blessed by a rabbi.  Kosher Kush has won an abundance of awards including first place in back to back years, during the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2010 and 2011. Kosher Kush has also been named High Times strain of the year as well as winner of the 2014 Seattle High Times Indica Cup. This heavy hitter is a great evening, couch-lock type of strain. Kosher Kush carries a pine and eucalyptus-like aroma to accompany its earthy and coffee-like taste. The Kosher will not dissapoint.

Lavender Trainwreck

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Our Lavender Trainwreck is an indica-dominant hybrid that is known to provide its consumer with a strong and solid high for both the head and body. By crossing the genetics of Lavender Kush and Trainwreck, this strain has been passed down aromas of pungent pine and underlying tones of fresh sweet lavender. Brace yourself for this incredible genetic, because it can hit you like a freight train. 

Pineapple Express

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

This sativa-dominant hybrid strain has gained legendary status based off the popular film “Pineapple Express.” The genetic lineage for Pineapple Express comes from a cross between Trainwreck and a Hawaiian hybrid. Its fruity flavor gives off an essence of crisp apple and mangos, while its buds appear bright green covered in frost.  All aboard! The Pineapple Express is sure to take you anywhere you want to go.

Pink Lemonade

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Pink Lemonade is one of Harmony Farms exclusive strains. The incredible flavor, smell and jar appeal give its user just about everything one would look for in a well rounded hybrid strain. Upon exhale, the flavor of this strain layers exotic citrus flavors with sweet candy-like undertones. Hot summer day or not, our Pink Lemonade is sure to quench your desire for an amazingly tasteful bud.

Purple Alien OG

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Purple Alien OG is absolutely spectacular in appearance. This indica dominant strain shines a beautiful hue of purple that is coated in visible droplets of sweet sticky trichomes. It is a cross between Alien Kush, Tahoe OG and Alien OG. This remarkably rare strain combines a vortex of earthy, sweet and spicy flavors upon exhale. It's only fitting to say that our Purple Alien OG is out of this world.

Purple Arrow


Purple Arrow is one of the most resinous strains Harmony Farms has to offer. Its sweet berry tasting smoke provides the user with a refreshing exhale. This strain is also known for its extremely sticky buds and flower-like aroma. Purple arrow's well-rounded effects hit you right where you want it to, every time.

Seattleite Kush CBD

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Seattleite Kush is an indica leaning hybrid with very high CBD levels. A strong, pungent fuel flavor dominates this variety, the kind you can smell through just about any container. Seattleite Kush can keep you relaxed while still allowing you to stay social. Its great taste and powerful cannabinoids have made it a rising star in 2016. 

Sour Diesel


The genetics of  Sour Diesel has been said to come from the distinguished strains of Chemdawg, Northern Lights, and a Skunk Phenotype. It’s sour, earthy and diesel like aromas are what give this strain its name. Most would agree that the Sour Diesel strain has become a house-hold name in the cannabis industry. This Sour Disel has shifted into gear and is ready for the long-haul.

Sunset Sherbet

Indica-dominant Hybrid

The Sunset Sherbet strain has a genetic lineage that was parented by the well popular Girl Scout Cookie strain whose ancestors include the famed OG Kush, Cherry Pie, and Durban Poison. This Indica dominant hybrid still carries plenty of its sativa-partnered qualities making it a well-rounded smoke for its users. The high is sure to induce relaxation, while simultaneously providing a euphoric body buzz. Sunset Sherbet is the perfect thing to fill your bowl on a long summer day.


Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Tangie is a sativa-dominant hybrid most famous for its incredible citrus aroma and flavor. The heritage behind our Tangie strain comes from a cross between California Orange and the Skunk #1 strain. Tangie is said to be an excellent choice for a morning or daytime strain.

The White


The White is an award winning, indica-dominant hybrid strain. Named after the color of its frosty covered buds, this strain is sure to impress any cannabis connoisseur. Flavors to note with this strain pair an earthy and pine like quality, with a sugary sweet undertone. Not only is The White known for its incredible appearance, but it is also commonly associted with being a very potent strain making it great for those with high tolerances.

White Tara


The White Tara is a Harmony Farms signature strain that is great for users with high cannabis tolerances. Its THC content carries over an undeniably heavy-stoney indica feeling and is recommended to be consumed after your day is over. The visually striking burgundy, purple and pink color of the plant itself will absolutely mesmerize those who are lucky enough to see it. To this day, the parents of this variety are still unknown. The White Tara has a way of lifting you straight to nirvana and then gently bringing you back to earth.


Sativa-dominant Hybrid

XJ-13 is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Jack Herer and G13 Haze. Known for its strong citrus aroma and accented by its notes of earthy and pine-like scents, the XJ-13 is an excellent choice for those who are especially keen to the flavor of their bud. It's light-bodied sativa qualities allow for the strain to be ideal for social or creative settings. XJ-13 is quickly becoming a must have strain among our consumers.


Indica-dominant Hybrid

Zensation is an indica-dominant hybrid genetic that is relatively new to the cannabis market. Although its lineage remains a secret, its name captivates what the strain is truly all about. It carries a unified bliss of smell, allurement, and potent affect. The earthy-nose on this strain consists of sweet berry and pungent lemon while the buds of the genetic can be described as dark neon-green and dense. The buds are covered with green curly leaves, long furry red hairs and are absolutely caked in frosty covered trichomes. Plain and simple, this strain is zensational!

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