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Harmony Farms and AiroPro have come together to bring you the finest vaporizer with the highest quality oils on the market. The AiroPro vaporizer delivers the ideal vaping experience with 3-5 times more vapor than the competitors. Designed specially for cannabis, the AiroPro cartridges use a revolutionary ceramic atomizer, connect magnetically, and are color coded for easy identification.  When activated the battery vibrates discreetly without drawing attention, and has a built in LED charge indicator. Made from high quality materials AiroPro is resistant to leaking and virtually indestructible.

AiroPro Pods are highly potent and available in Strain Series, Co2 Series, Live Resin, and Live Flower Series.

Pick up an AiroPro at one of our partnered retail locations and enjoy!

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Improved Design. Keep moving fluidly and endlessly with the masterfully designed AiroSport in your back pocket. At Airo Brands’ we’re always raising our standards. So we’ve advanced our design with an improved contact pin. The AiroSport will never cause you to pause.


Distinct Individuality. Amplify your voice, coordinate your mood, and complement your lifestyle with lively, vibrant colors.


Our bright colors make it easy for you to find with a quick glance. Available in Sunburst Orange, Cobalt Blue, Electric Green, and Stone Grey. 

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