At Harmony Farms we take great care in growing and processing our prized flowers. We use only the best sanitary practices and organic pest management to ensure that your flower is clean and safe. We grow each strain in a separate room allowing us to tailor the feeding and environment to bring out the plants full expression. And we enrich our soil with organic microbes to help breakdown the nutrients and support the plant's immune system for optimal health. Our facility utilizes the newest LED technology to increase resin production while minimizing our carbon footprint. At the end of the grow cycle, we flush our flowers thoroughly for the cleanest burning and purest taste possible. When the time comes to harvest, we hang our flowers in a controlled environment allowing them to dry slowly.


We take pride in hand manicuring our flowers to be sure you're getting nothing but the best. Once trimmed, we vacuum seal our flowers in nitrogen for an exceptional cure, preserving all the precious cannabinoids and terpenes for your enjoyment. Our glass jars are hermetically sealed to assure freshness and secure against tampering. Harmony Farms flowers are always tested for quality control and individual potency. Pick up a jar of your favorite flower and find your Harmony.

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