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Harmony Farms and our partners strive to produce the highest quality cannabis in the Washington State market. In this endeavor Harmony Farms takes the utmost pride in choosing the best pest management solutions for ourselves and our consumers. We have specifically chosen to utilize naturally derived products such as, citric acid and the extracts of essential oils to keep our cannabis fresh, clean, and safe on the shelf of your local retail store. We can't testify to the practices of other cannabis producers, but at Harmony Farms it is a core value that we provide a product we can proudly stand behind.

We feel it is worth mentioning the legal requirement for medicinal grade cannabis in Washington is a 13-analyte pesticide test, we take this into consideration and go above and beyond to ensure any product we deliver undergoes a rigorous 156-analyte pesticide test. We believe the cannabis industry will eventually adopt a higher standard, until then we are calling this, The Harmony Standard.

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