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XJ-13 Sativa Weed Strain


Jack Herer x G-13

Looking for a wake and bake? It's here! From the hard-hitting sweet and spicy scent to the taste of citrus and lime, XJ-13 is not only great for a get-up and go, it hits all the senses perfectly. A quick cerebral effect and buzzing body high follow that first hit. Eventually, the creative juices flow, conversing becomes easy, and you've easily found your next hang-out weed. Anxiety and depression? Forget about it!

Black Jack

Black Domina x Jack Herer

No matter if you're working out, cleaning, or really getting into a new video game, Black Jack can help get it done! Black Jack fills you with a wood/pine smell and throws some citrus in along the way. The taste presents nearly the same as the smell. Uplifting, focused, and motivated, this is the perfect strain for a day filled with activities. Suffering from anxiety and depression? Give this strain a shot!

Black Jack Sativa Weed Strain
Lemon Tart Sativa Weed Strain

Lemon Tart

Wedding Cake x Super Lemon Haze

Are you outgoing? Giggle? Sociable? If not, prepare to be. Lemon Tart provides a lifted and excited high making you open to conversation, smiles, and random giggles, whether you have a reason to or not. The smell? SWEET and SOUR! Throw in a hint of earth and pine and your nose falls in love. The taste is delicious with that same sweet and sour punch your nose just took and finishing with a nutty exhale.

Dream N' Sour

Blue Dream x Sour Jack

This strain could easily be the winner of any Wake & Bake competition. Focused, quick-hitting, and energizing, Dream N' Sour is the perfectly productive day strain. Give your sense of smell a daily dose of fruit with blueberry, sour, and citrus aromas. Fill your mouth and lungs with the same blueberry and citrus flavors. Take your day by storm with Dream N' Sour.  

Dream N Sour Sativa Weed Strain


Blackberry Kush Indica Weed Strain

Blackberry Kush


Couchlock is a thing and Blackberry Kush will get you there. This indica strain is potent, smells of a typical Kush, and brings berries, diesel, and sweet flavors to your taste buds. The high? Including couchlock you'll experience an elevated mood, euphoric state of mind, and happiness. Did we mention the munchies? Blackberry Kush will help you raid the snack cabinet. It helps with stress and nervousness.

Red Hindu Kush

Pure Indica

Red Hindu Kush is named for its origin in the Hindu Mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan. If you're looking for help with a sleepless night, trying to become a part of your couch, or simply need to become blissfully zoned out, RHK is the choice. A sweet, earthy, and pine smell tingles your nose as you breathe it in. While a herbal, lemon and woody taste envelops your taste buds upon inhaling and exhaling.

Red Hindu Kush Indica Weed Strain
Mango Indica Weed Strain


KCC x Afghani

Couchlock? How about bedlock? Cause you'll be married to the mattress with Mango. Sleep and hunger are no longer worries with this bright green and orange beauty. The taste and smell are sweet all the way through. Tropical hints and citrus notes take control and make Mango an experience you'll enjoy falling asleep to. Get ready to say I do.


Passion Berry

Gorilla Glue #4 x Gelato 45

If you've been looking for the middle-of-the-road highs and something great tasting, Passion Berry is your-go-to! A hybrid that showcases chocolate, mango, and citrus flavors is just the beginning. Sit back and relax with Passion Berry, but don't worry about catching ZZZ's as there's an uplifting happiness present as well. Best for a day-in or easy night out, this strain really checks every mark.

Passion Berry Hybrid Weed Strain
Dutch Treat Hybrid Weed Strain

Dutch Treat

Northern Lights x Haze

Dutch Treat is a hybrid that can truly live up to the potential a Hybrid offers. With uplifting and euphoric Sativa qualities, it also showcases the Indica traits with some stress relief and easing of the mind. The smell is like the Holidays in the tropics with sour citrus mixing in pine scent throughout the breath in. The flavor brings it all full circle with those same sour citrus, pines, and earthy notes.


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